Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today I am in awe of the beauty around me. Emily and I left school early today to meet the garage door repairman and got home about noon. I was lost in thought about all the things I needed to accomplish this afternoon.

All of the sudden I looked up and saw all the leaves that had fallen on the street. They were yellow, orange, and brown. The branches of the trees were heavy, laden with the leaves still yet to fall. It was so beautiful I almost stopped my car. I wanted to take a mental picture so I could remember it.

I said to Emily, "Look at all the leaves on the ground!"

She said, "I see them mommy. Aren't they so beautiful?"

"Yes, yes they are."

I often wish I could paint or draw. I so wanted to sit outside this afternoon and paint the leaves and the trees. Their fall colors are beautiful. Our weather here has been beautiful for about two weeks. Such wonderful fall colors shining in the sunlight.

What a wonderful creation we live in. I just want to stop and thank God for all the beauty He has given us. Enjoy your day wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Know that God has created this wonderful world just for us to enjoy.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

As is our tradition now...The Beck's and the Thielman's came over for trick-or-treating last night for Halloween. We did not get a picture of Mark David with all the other kids before going out. I am very sad about that. But we got one with him decorating cupcakes after we came back. This is our fourth Halloween to go out with Mark David and second with Lilly and the boys. All the kids got tons of candy. I burnt the pizza, but we all had fun and I don't think anyone really noticed but me. :)

Before trick or treating

Better before picture

Doctor, doctor, doctor....and a princess

Griffin showing us his light stick

The girls discussing the merits of pick light sticks.

Griffin and Elijah...oh my goodness they are big!


Everyone leaving with their booty.

Decorating cupcakes

Emily and Lilly decorating cupcakes

More cupcake pictures

Boys eating their icing and cupcakes
Loving the icing!



Look I got, Lissa!
Griffin loved his lollipops, he would not let them go! :)

Elijah spent most of his time running and screaming! So cute!