Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Pond

Sunday we decided to walk to the pond. The kids had a lot of fun, and Ben ended up falling in the pond. The pictures are in reverse order...but you will get the idea just start from the bottom of the post! :)

Ben and Jeannie...quite possibly his first real crush. :)

The boys looked for frogs the whole time. They were the cutest little frogs ever!

Ben and Brighton looking for frogs.

Ben, Brighton, and Braden looking for frogs.

Emily walking around trying to get dirty.

Ben, Brighton, and Braden looking for frogs on the rocks that I am sure Ben is going to fall off of. He finally did fall after he had been alone on the rocks for about five minutes. He was a good sport though and just kept playing.
Ben going to catch up with the boys after Darren scared him under the bridge.

Kids and Peanut going to play by the water.

Boys running with the dogs to the rocks where they found lots of little frogs!

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