Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning Musing

Now that I am staying at home I am cleaning EVERY DAY! I mean seriously...every day! I rather enjoy it though. OMG...did I really just write that down? I enjoy cleaning the house. It takes about an hour every morning but it is simply the most rewarding hour I spend all day. I enjoy cleaning and thinking about the kids, Chris, and Jeannie while I do it. I say a little prayer for each of them while I clean up after them. I feel like it is a pleasure to keep a nice house for everyone.

We did also start a little chore system for the kids. Their behavior and lack of gratitude for the things they have had totally gotten out of hand. So we started a little ticket system to help get everyone back on track. The kids are actually LOOKING for things to do around the house so they can earn tickets, and they are getting along. As long as I can follow through with it I think it is going to work really well. I do get tired though. I need to really pray about staying the course I think.

I wrote my first article last night. I am waiting for it to be reviewed and published. I will let everyone know so you can head over there and read it.

Enjoy your Monday!


Queenie Jeannie said...

How inspiring!!! You are doing great!!

Fingers crossed on your article!!!!

Cullum Family said...

thanks so much!!! :)


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