Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Summer is in full swing around here. We have been enjoying our pool and playing outside ALOT. It is amazing to me that even when it is HOT the kids love it outside. We have found that our one real tree on our property provides us with wonderful shade and keeps us at lease 10 degrees or more cooler than anywhere else outside.

Along with summer we have heard "I'm bored" at least once a day. I am thankful that we have the pool for the go to activity. It is easy for me to throw them in there and just sit outside and read while they splash around. However, along with the pool I have started to hear lots of discouraging things from the kids. They all love each other, but they don't really encourage one another. But then again I listen to the words coming out of my mouth and realize, why should they? I realized this morning during my devotional time that I have not been very encouraging to those around me that I love either.

I took the time to read some scriptures about encouragement and forgiveness. I tried to encourage myself even though I think I have been seriously slacking lately. I also took the time to write down four encouraging statements for each child. It wasn't difficult at all. I am going to give each child the handwritten note and make a point to encourage each of them.

Think about any encouraging words you may have for those in your life you love. Try to be specific and let them know how you really feel about them. It is really priceless.

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Awesome idea - thanks!!