Friday, June 25, 2010

Kool-Aid stand

So the kids have decided to remodel an old shed on the back of the property we live on. They want to make it a "restaurant". But in order to do this they need money. They decided to have a Kool-Aid stand to raise money. I decided to teach them a little about business. They had a little money to put in and we had a change jar they took some change out of. I took them to the store to buy their supplies...sugar and ice. We had lots of Kool-Aid so we donated that as well. They were so excited last night, and then this morning they got up and started making Kool-Aid and we set-up the stand.

Katie making the Kool-Aid.

Katie stirring first to get all the big pieces of sugar and the syrup bottle from breakfast was still out!

More Katie stirring with her trusty sidekick Emily.

Finally Emily gets to stir.

Then its Ben's turn.

Here they are trying to decide which kind to make for their second pitcher.

Filling the pitcher with water.

Making their signs.

Making more signs and the garage sale pile in the background!

Finally set-up for business.

Getting a little discouraged because I am their only customer so far.
The Superintendent walked over and bought a cup and gave them a dollar and told them to keep the change.

At the end of the day they made three dollars profit after paying back the start-up costs. But the most important lesson learned today was how to plan something and follow through with it even when it is hot and no one is stopping to visit your business. The bonus for me really was that everyone pretty much got along all day and they seem closer for the experience.

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