Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some differences...

So now we live in the country. We have lived here for almost three months now and there are some distinct differences in our life now as opposed to our life in the city. Let me know if you can relate...

If we want anything that is not sold in a convenience store we must "go into town".
Our neighbor rides his four wheeler up to the "big house" (our house) to throw away his trash.
The stars are so bright that you can actually find the constellations on a clear night.
Guineas run through our "yard" all day long.
We refer to the back yard as the back pasture.
When I look out the window in the living room I see cows and horses.
We do not lock our doors, EVER.
Our garage door stays up almost all the time.
Our cars remain unlocked in the driveway.
You cannot see the air.
My daughter no longer has asthma.
The kids run around outside everyday.
Our dogs run free.

These differences are all good. I can't think of too many that are bad. We are loving this slower life in the country. The kids have adjusted so well to school. I start a new job tomorrow with an agency called Mental Health Mental Retardation. I will be a case manager for youth and adolescents. I am really looking forward to it. I am nervous because I haven't had a job since March, but I am happy to get back into the workforce.


K, L and M said...

aaaaahhh...sounds like heaven!! Can't wait to see pictures...good luck on your new job.:)

IsobelKnight said...

having also recently moved from the centre of london into rural Wiltshire - isn't it funny not locking your front door?! it took a while for it become "normal"!