Monday, February 8, 2010

The Boy Wonder's Sixth Birthday

The Boy Wonder turned six last week on the 3rd. His party is coming up this Saturday along with Valentine's day parties and the like. I think I am the craziest person on the planet right now. I am trying to plan the party for his class, get things ready for my class' party, planning last minute details for his party, making cookies for Emily's class party. What exactly was I thinking????

The Boy Wonder has become a Legomaniac! I mean complete and total maniac! His party is a Lego themed party, go figure.

So we decided that we would get him a set of Lego's that he really wanted for his birthday. I drove to the Lego store at NorthPark to pick up the gift the day before his birthday. Yes, I know this is a recipe for disaster, but do you remember my list of things for this week, well it wasn't any shorter last week. :)

ANYWAY...I go to NorthPark and I ask the Lego guy in the store if they have the $80.00 pirate ship. (the smaller one) And wouldn't you know it...they are sold out. YUP...sold out. Hmmm...who would have thought that there would be a run on Lego pirate ships the first week of February, but GO FIGURE.

He politely tells me I can order it online and have it shipped directly to my house and I say I don't think that is going to be possible because I need it tomorrow. He then politely tells me that they have the bigger pirate ship, which by the way is $180.00.

Sighing I pull out my cell phone and call my Legomaniac husband and ask him what I should do. I mean if it were up to me I would just some other Lego set and that would be it, BUT I know Chris will have an opinion, and I was sure I knew what that opinion was going to be.

We spent thirty minutes on the phone with me walking around the store and telling him what types of things they had and their prices. All the while I knew what the final verdict was going to be. FINALLY, when I told him I really didn't have all afternoon to spend in the Lego store he says to me, just get the big one. I KNEW IT!! I could have just saved myself some time and bought it in the beginning, but no I had to make the call.

So that is ALL we got The Boy Wonder for his birthday this year. And wouldn't you know it he opened it and this all I am getting??? Gotta love kids! :)

Here are a few pics from the morning of his birthday...more to come after the party!


Kat said...

Great pictures!

Lego rocks, except I miss the old big blue tubs of it. I hate how they all come in sets now, they've sucked the imagination out of it! I can't even find just the plain tubs here anymore, I search all the time for one with no luck so far.

Also, thank you so much for your visit and kind words. I loved reading my comments today, it really made my day. :)

Love your blog, will be back soon!

Christy said...

That's a cool lego pirate ship!

Cullum Family said...

Kat - they have the big tubs too...i always hated those but my kids LOVE them. look on the lego website you can order them. i am glad your day it was a little better day for you. :)

Cher said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!! Looking forward to the Lego festivities!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I had a lego boy myself. Those things are CRAZY expensive!!! I would have never spent that much for one set, lol....even the cheaper one! I got them on sale and with a coupon when I shopped.

I love you all said...

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