Monday, February 8, 2010

Emily and Vincent Van Gogh

Two Friday's ago Emily learned about Vincent Van Gogh. I know this not because I asked her teacher or looked at her teacher's lesson plans, but because she told me all about it. Normally when I ask Emily what she learned in school each day she says I don't remember. This is very frustrating because I know she learned SOMETHING, right? Anyway this is how the conversation in the car went on the way home.

E: Mommy, I need to paint my room.

M: You need to do what Emily?

E: I need to paint my room. It's homework.

M: Really? Do you mean you need to paint the walls of your room, or that you need to paint a picture of your room?

E: NO, mommy, just a picture of my room.

M: Why?

E: Because we learned about an artist today who painted his room. He was very sad mommy, he cried all the time. And he had a brother and they argued all the time then his brother he went away. This made the man even more sad. He got so sad mommy that he cut his ear off. He painted a picture of himself and of his room. Then he painted this picture called Starry Night and I think it looks very sad.

M: (listening very intently because this is fascinating to me) Wow are you talking about Vincent Van Gogh, Emily?

E: Yes! That's it mommy! Avery and I want to paint, and I have to paint a picture of my room to show Ms. Caroline. Do we have paint?

M: Yes we have paint, but we don't have the right paper let's stop and get some.

E and A: Yeah!

E: It's such a boring rainy day! I can't wait to paint.

I was so blown away by her memory of the lesson. She remembered details and she had an opinion about the artist and his art. I think Emily might be my little artist. Lord knows that she is emotional enough! :)

Here are some pics of the girly girls painting their pictures that boring, rainy afternoon!

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