Friday, February 4, 2011

Star Wars Birthday Party

Ben had a Star Wars birthday party this year. I got lots of ideas from some of my favorite bloggers. Here are the blogs that were most helpful...
Tip Junkie had some of my favorites for games and she had an agenda for those of you who like to plan ahead. It really helped me stay organized
Make and Takes also had some good ideas.

I will tell you the ones I used for our party:
  • I made the light saber pretzels.
  • I put my own spin on the cupcake light sabers.
  • We walked on lava.
  • We destroyed the Death Star with our water balloons.
  • We went on a relay race for Clones and Droids.
  • We had a Jedi Training Course (obstacle course)
  • We played pin the light saber on Yoda.
  • We had an asteroid hunt through the house.
The kids had lots of fun. I was glad that only a few showed up though it was hard to keep all those boys on task. That is the teacher in me I suppose. We had two girls come, and Cadence, Ben's lifelong friend made the drive up north!

Here are some of the pics of the day:

Birthday boy has to have some presents to open!

We had a blue and red side of the table with Star Wars fruit snacks we found at the Dollar General and the pretzel light sabers. These were so easy to make. I got red and blue melts at Hobby Lobby and dipped the pretzels in halfway. Didn't they turn out cute?

This is the light saber cupcakes. Thanks to Mary for helping create my idea. I loved her idea of putting aluminum foil under the cupcakes for the effect. She iced them and set them up. The blue was easy, but red and grey were a little more difficult. I didn't really feel like I perfected the grey it looked more like purple black.
Pin the light saber on Yoda

Cadence getting ready to pin the light saber on Yoda.

Peanut and the Death Star. (and a few other chalk creations on the driveway)

Kids getting ready to throw their balloons to destroy the Death Star.
This was by far the most fun of the day. The kids loved throwing the balloons to make the Death Star disappear. We ran out of balloons if you do this I suggest lots and lots of balloons.

This is what it looked like when we were done. I had also just sent the kids on the Clone and Droid relay race to find the dark blue and light blue cards that said clone and droid on them.

Here we are counting up the cards making sure we had them all.

Emily walking on lava. This was pretty easy. We had an extra red tablecloth and some rocks. The kids had to walk on the rocks or fall into the lava.

Here is Dominick running through the obstacle course. When the kids were done they had completed their Jedi Training Course.

Here is Ben opening some of his presents.

We did eat the cupcakes but I am not sure where the pictures of the birthday boy blowing out the candles went. At the end of the party the kids went on an Asteroid hunt around the house. This was small pieces of aluminum foil with pieces of candy in them. They got to keep the ones they found and put in their treat bags. The favors were pretty boring this year just store bought stuff. I had good intentions........BUT....I let it go.


Cher said...

Great pics! Awesome party--we had a great time!

monkeyDluffy said...

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