Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today I am going to devote my post to my daughter. Lately she has been attached to me. She has always been a mamma's girl, but the last couple of weeks she has been a bit more clingy. I like to call it mommy worship. She has to do EXACTLY what I am doing. Here's an example:

When we get out of the car she says, "Are you taking your purse in, mommy?"
"Yes, Emily"
"Then I am too, mommy!"

It is very flattering and a little scary at times. I see myself in her. We have most of the same mannerisms, very similar personalities, and people say she looks like me (i don't see it). I worry because I am not worthy of this worship. I make so many mistakes. I try to let her see me making mistakes because I remember worshipping my mom as well and thinking that she was perfect. She seemed to have it all together. This made me think that was how you were supposed to be. Perfect, keeping it together all the time. It took me a long time to realize that no one can ever be perfect or have it all together. I just hope I am teaching this to my daughter. I really hope that she sees all my faults. Every single one of them. I want her to know that I am not perfect and I never will be. I just pray that I can point her toward the only One that is and she can see Him through me.

Now some pictures! :)

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