Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wonder-filled Wednesday

The wonders of the world are just amazing. One of the most beautiful to me is a rainbow. I rarely see them, but when I do it makes my day. On the drive to work this morning I saw one of the most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen. You could see almost all the colors and the illusion of where it touched the ground. Then I looked on the other side of the clouds and saw the other half. It was broken in the middle, but you could definitely see where the two sides would come together.

Rainbows and sunlight have always represented God to me. I remember when I was little looking up into the clouds and seeing the sun break through and thinking that God was right there watching me. That is still one of the most beautiful sights to me.

Here in Dallas we are going to experience a cold front this afternoon. There are lots of clouds and it is getting dark. But this morning there was a beautiful rainbow and I saw the sunrise over a pond. What a wonderful way for me to catch a glimpse of God's beauty.

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