Monday, November 3, 2008

Emily and the Emergency Room

she had to pose with her "cute" outfit.

So...We have been to the emergency room with Emily about 5 or 6 times since she was born. Yes, she is only 3, so this probably seems like ALOT! As a mom, I will tell you that it is alot, and I absolutely never get used it to it. is the story of our visit on Saturday morning.

My wonderful husband let me sleep in on Saturday because I can never seem to get enough sleep these days, so I got up at 9:00am. This is really late for those of you who do not have kids. I am usually up by 6:30am at the latest, even on Saturday and Sunday. Anyway...I totally digress. I stumble out into the living room where everyone is watching cartoons and totally vegging waiting for me to get myself out of bed. I see Emily dressed in the outfit that daddy has let her pick out all on her own. For those of you who REALLY know me, know that this was already difficult to deal with. Her pretty pink pants had monkeys and Christmas candy on them and she had on her favorite purple dress. So, I sit down on the couch to decide what to do about breakfast and Emily comes over to me.

Emily: "Mommy, I am a monkey!"

Mommy: "You are?" rubbing the left over sleep out of my eyes hoping that I can somehow wake up.

Emily: " I am, watch mommy!" ooaa ooaa, hop, hop, ooaa,ooaa, SPLAT! Right into the fireplace.

Now, I want to tell all of you that we have made it 4.5 years without any real injuries with our fireplace, AND I had put a quilt on it the night before for the twins. Apparently only about 30 minutes earlier she had pulled the quilt off for her "babies" to sleep on.

Well...immediately I am TOTALLY awake, and rushing over to her and running to the kitchen to get ice and a towel. When I pull the towel away I see the gash in her right temple by her eye. I tell Chris, "Looks like we are going to the emergency room!"

Ben was very disappointed that I interrupted his morning of lounging in his underwear and t-shirt, but eventually we were all in the car, me holding Emily and breaking every seatbelt law there is, on our way to the ER.

Turns out she did not need stitches, but they put some steri-strips to hold it closed and cleaned her up a bit. Then we all went out for donuts, finally, breakfast! As soon as we got home Ben says, CAN I PLEASE TAKE OFF MY PANTS? Well, at least he has his priorities under control!

Emily is fine, but she looks like someone beat her up since she has a bruise on her eye. Now we are even more alike, I cut my eye when I was five on a drawer. I had stitches though, very traumatic. Then all day she kept falling into stuff, Oh Emily!


K, L and M said...

OUCH!!! poor Monkey Emily!!! But hey, at least she got donuts out of the deal.:) and I"m so glad Ben was able to get back in to lounge mode...too funny!!

Cullum Family said...

did you see the chocolate on her mouth? lol

K, L and M said...

yes..too funny!! cute..cute ..cute!!