Friday, November 28, 2008

Truly Thankful

I meant to post yesterday, but we had such a wonderfully busy day. We did not walk in the door until after midnight last night.

We usually spend Thanksgiving with Chris' family. His uncle Peyton closes his restaurant and cooks for all of us. It is such a good time for the family, and I know it must be stressful for him, he and his wife Gayle. Being a part of this family has really taught me about relationships and service. Thank you all!

Then after we left that family, we went over to some friends of ours that have become a part of out extended family over the past year. The McCammack's had us over for an after Thanksgiving feast and game night. We ate left overs from the dinner that Ed had made their family earlier in the day. The kids played very harmoniously with very little incident, and we drank wine and played games. Emily, however did come home with marker all over face, but what can you do? Ben stayed and had a sleep over with Cadence.

My camera was not charged up for the occasion, and for that I am very sad. I would have really enjoyed posting some pictures for everyone to see.

So you are probably asking yourself what I am truly thankful for? Relationships! The older I get the more I realize that life is all about relationships. It is our relationships that define who we really are.

Now I must finish getting ready to stimulate the economy by going out at the ridiculous hour of 7:00am to go shopping with my mom-in-law and Cher. These are two relationships that I treasure. However, I do worry about my mom-in-law's sanity because she wanted to get started at 4:00am, and just called to say that she has been out since 5:00am. Sheesh.... :)

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