Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday...WAAAAY BAAACK

Fifteen years ago yesterday we were married...These are some of the pictures from that day.

My mom did all my flowers. She is so talented, but I think it turned out to be a little much for her as the mother of the bride. In retrospect I wish we had had someone else do them so she wasn't so stressed, but they were so beautiful and I truly loved them. It is also a wonderful memory for me.
This was me starting my walk down the aisle with my daddy. If you look close you can see how white my knuckles were. I had just told him to hold on to me because I thought I was going to fall. I had walked down the stairs to him, but we didn't get a picture of that. When we started everyone stood up and I looked at my mom and grandparents and then at Chris, then I started to cry.

Here we are lighting the unity candle. The Baptist church we were married in had never even heard of a unity candle, do they even do that anymore? Anyway, it was a symbol of two lives and two families becoming one. Our moms had lit them at the beginning of the ceremony. One thing you will not see are pictures of the ceremony. We have some but they are so far away it is really pointless. But, a funny little anecdote is that I put Chris' wedding ring on the wrong finger because I was so nervous. Everyone was whispering about it after the ceremony.

Here he is reenacting the first kiss. Didn't get a really good picture of the real one, but this one was pretty good if I remember correctly. ;)

Here we are RUNNING down the aisle after it was over. We were both so glad to be done. Now on to the fun. Here we come world!

So here is the wedding party. My attendants were Dawn, Darcy, Colleen, and Shannon was my maid of honor. Chris' groomsmen were Paco, Austin, Troy, and Andre was his best man. Caty, Chris' cousin who is 18 now was our flower girl, and Michael, Colleen's son, was our ring bearer.

Here we are cutting our beautiful cake. It was so yummy, but I did not get a full piece until our first anniversary, yes we saved it, and yes we ate it. Neiman Marcus makes wonderful cakes and they last a year in the box that they give you to put it in.

Here we are leaving in our limo that was an hour and half late to pick us up. We were so ready to go. We ended up opening our gifts at the church just to kill time. You see we didn't have a meal or alcohol at our reception. So once we had the cake and visited for a little while it was time to go!
The day was wonderful. For a long time I only remembered the things that went wrong that day: the fiasco that morning with the boys, my hair not doing what it was supposed to, Colleen's tattoo, Darcy's tattoo, seeing Chris before the ceremony, and countless other things. But now I really only remember how much we wanted to get married and become one life.


wilderlamb said...

You guys look like babies!! Those are great pictures!

Cullum Family said...

i know right...we were SO young...hard to believe now...

Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...

I didn't know you got married when you were 12!!! I didn't think that was legal.... ;o)

Cullum Family said...

it is in singapore...right????

K, L and M said...

talk about a child bride?! that's why there wasn't alcohol at your reception..juice boxes only:) LOVED seeing your wedding pics.:)

Cullum Family said...

LMAO...yep juice boxes and cookies.... :P