Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flashback Sunday...not quite the same ring...

So I didn't get this posted on Friday, but it is a flashback just the same. This is dedicated to Ben. Since he graduated on Friday I thought it would be fun to publish his Daddy's poem that he wrote for his birth announcements. We had them printed on cards to give out. And of course a gratuitous picture or two (that are out of order, sorry!). :)

Father to Son
A brand new life has just begun,
A life of bliss and joy.
For on this day we have a son,
A beaming, baby boy.
A brand new life has come to be:
A most stupendous time.
And now the days ahead of me
Are bound to be sublime.
A brand new life is in my hands
And I just hope to be
A worthy and a fitting man
So he will respect me.
A brand new life I state again
And we shall call him Benjamin.
Chirstopher Allan Cullum

Ben and daddy on the patio
Ben in the hospital

Ben on my first Mother's Day in May 2004.

Ben on Chris' first Father's Day, June 2004

Getting ready for manhood, the remote and a bottle, with belly hanging out and everything. Can't wait to show his future bride that least she will know what she is in for! ;)

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