Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pirates in Star Wars

So the boy wonder loves to tell stories. Who would have thought, right? I know he comes by it honestly and I do try to foster it. Life seems so crazy sometimes that it can be difficult. You want to say, no I can't sit down and write that out for you because I have to (fill in the blank here with any number of household chores, and sitting down and relaxing), but he will only be little once, right? So last Sunday instead of working on many different things that I needed to get done he and I wrote this story. While I was working he drew the pictures and when he was done we sat down and he told me the story and I wrote it. Yes, this is his story, not mine. Please excuse the handwriting. I have not handwritten anything in a long time. I used to write like a kindergarten teacher, but.....

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