Wednesday, July 29, 2009

God is Good and other random things... :)

So...are you ready for my news????????

Drumroll please....
I got a new job! A part time teaching position at a private preschool! I start on the 17th of August, and my last day in the publishing world is August 7th! I am so excited. I feel like this is a gift from God. I have been praying, along with everyone I know, for a way to be home more and still bring in some money. I have been praying for God to be VERY specific with how it is going to happen. In the past two weeks he has made it VERY apparent to me what I need to do. It seemed like everything really started happening after I shared my secret/story with all of you here. Could that have been what He was waiting for me to do? Tell the world so to speak, come clean, and be truthful? I am not sure. But I can tell you that I feel forgiven. I feel like I have been set free, ladies! Truly set free. Not just from a situation that is less than perfect in my work life, but truly SET FREE!

He has taken off my chains, and He has set me free! I am so thankful! I can't tell you how much my heart is rejoicing, every minute of every the trick is to keep this feeling.

Someone told me once that God will have His way, you are either living in plan A or plan B. I feel like I have been in plan B for a long time. A VERY LONG maybe I have come full circle back to plan A and now I can attempt to stay there for awhile.

Now on to other random pieces of business...Vickie...I have not forgotten your dress.... and Kristi I will send you your giveaway stuff in the next day or two...I am finally able to focus on my blog, my business, my Bible study that I lead, and my life....YEAH! Please forgive me for not posting for so long...tomorrow will be about Emily...her birthday was Monday and I have yet again won the mom of the year award for not posting about her on her birthday! YEAH me! I don't know where I am going to put all those awards I am running out of room on my mantle!


K, L and M said...

OMG...CONGRATS on the new job!!!! How awesome is that?!?!?! Looking forward to "seeing" how your school year unfolds...yippee...I don't think I officially "won" since I was the only one...that just seems wrong.:) Try it again...keep it and re-do the giveaway...I'll donate it back to the cause.:) and hopefully, my lucky streak will be with me.:) Happy B-day wishes to Em..the big 4 yr old!!! Can't wait to see pics of the party..and the marker to bathe your BFF!!!

Cullum Family said...

How is my bff??? i think we wil be down there before school and my new job starts the week of Aug 10 will you guys be around we would love to come see you!

Tammy Adkins said...

Congrats Melissa!!! You are an inspiration! I'm also working to get back on track with my "plan A"!!! He is teaching me that I just have to keep my eyes on him...He is my compass!!!

Cullum Family said...

thanks tammy! love ya! :)