Friday, July 24, 2009

Remember Me?

Well, I think I am ready to come back and get started on this stuff again. I made it through the week and now I am waiting on answers. I am sorry to be so cryptic about all of this, but please know it is nothing bad. I am just not ready to tell the world about it yet until final decisions have been made and we are moving forward. It is very exciting and I can hardly stand it that I can't tell you, but for once I am going to do what my gut tells me to do. That gut is hardly ever wrong! :)

Here are a couple of gratuitous pictures of Emily. She is turning 4 on Monday, I can hardly believe it! The first year seemed to take forever, but every other year has just flown by! Ben is starting kindergarten in 4 short weeks! Then in a year she will go too. They are just getting SO big! They are not my babies anymore.

Okay...sniff, sniff....let's move on! Emily had dance camp with Lilly this week and I have a few pictures that I can share with you. I only got to go on Monday because Ben had an eye appt and got his eyes dilated. I took the day off after the dilation and he and I went up there at the end of the class, and then out to lunch with Tracy, the girls and the twins. Five kids is ALOT with two toddlers running around! are the pictures...


~Sandy~ said...

Adorable pictures!!!! Just wanted to stop by and say hi!

Cullum Family said...

thanks so much Sandy!