Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Crafts

Emily received some craft kits from Santa. She has been bugging me since Christmas day to do her "Christmas Craftes". So today I let her go at it. Ben has a little stomach bug so he was on the couch in a TV coma. I always have so much fun just spending girl time with Emily.

"Mommy, I am working HARD!"
"I love pink and purple, mommy!"

Yes that is her speckled belly hanging over the cute!
BTW...I did exercise today and I have begun the organization. Just thought some of you might be interested! :)


Mark said...

Emily looks just like you, Melissa. I bet you have heard that before! She is absolutely adorable.

I like the mommy-girly time, too. I just had to stop myself last night from buying another fingernail decorating kit. Ellie's 6 now and SOOOO girly.


Cullum Family said...

Actually everyone thinks she looks like Chris' family...yeah Em is girly, princesses, crafts, sewing, fingernail painting...and the list goes on...I do love it though! I have to reel myself in quite often!