Saturday, January 3, 2009

Follow Up on Goals

Okay...I know that I told you I would not post everyday about my goals, but this is the make it or break it time for me. If I lose it now I will never start again.

I have found a book to read and I checked it out from the library and ordered it from someone on, it can also be ordered from Amazon, where I got this picture of the cover. It is also only $10.20 on Amazon. I am excited to begin reading it tonight!

I also got a new shoe organizer that I desperately needed, new hampers that look just spiffy in my room, small hampers for the kids stuffed animals, hooks for the kids towels in the bathroom, and decided what I wanted in my room to organize crafty stuff. In the vein of organizing I also made a menu for the week. I used to do this all the time, but totally got out of the habit. I also finished my friend Allison's curtains that she ask me to make last year. I did not exercise today and I feel it. I have less energy tonight, and my temper is ALOT shorter with the kids. Gotta get back on the exercise train tomorrow. Very productive day so far! I still have a couple of hours left...

Also I wanted to direct you to for a great article on visions and goals. Lorie really makes things very practical, I can't wait until her book comes out! She always sets a theme for the year so I thought I would as well. My theme this year is Risk Taker! I think this fits my goals pretty well, they are all risks for me.

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