Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flashback Friday - early

So...I am feeling very nostalgic since lots of my high school friends have befriended me on facebook this week. I decided to pull out a few pictures. Some of you may get a little mad at me, but it was the good old days, and we looked AWESOME! :)

This was Dawn's surprise 18th birthday party. We kidnapped her and took her to Marco's on Nasa Rd 1. For those of you still there, does it still exist? See, even back then I was not a great photographer!
This is a picture of Kristi and I before prom. We were getting ready to leave for Benihana's for dinner. Apparently, she doesn't like her dress, but I think she looks beautiful. And look at all my hair, YIKES!
Enjoy the flashback!


Cher said...

Ooo la la! You all look fabulous. :)

Cullum Family said...


K, L and M said...

LOL!!>..That cracks me up!!! LOVE IT!!! I am rockin' my Payless "dyed to match" peach shoes..that dress, YIKES!! I can't tell whose bangs are higher..mine or yours? Look at you, little hottie! HEY...Eric Hall..I heard he died?! Do you know if that's true?

Cullum Family said...

no, i did not hear that...that is awful!

I know look at those bangs...we were sportin some serious aquanet in those days! i think i might be personally responsible for the hole in the ozone layer!