Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day One

No, I don't plan on writing a post every day to chronicle my goals this year. That would probably bore everyone, including me, to death. :) I am going to check in periodically with how these goals are progressing. If I have to write about them at least weekly then maybe I am more likely to follow through...maybe.

So let's I actually did exercise. Yesterday I bought a DVD with a walking workout. It is pretty good. I walked three miles today. Yay, me!

I also started to make a small plan for organization. In reading my daily blogs I ran across this post for the organizing blog that I read everyday. The author of this blog posted an article today about how to keep New Year's Resolutions. The strategy that she gave was three fold: Education, Motivation, and Support. She says that you must have all three of these in order to make the life change that most resolutions or goals will require. So I am going to check out a book on organization for my education, and my motivation is coming from my stress level and finding time to do things I want to do instead of always having to spend so much time on keeping this house in order. I will just need to find the support. That shouldn't be hard to do. My husband would love it if this place was organized. We would both be less stressed going about our daily chores. If you want to read the article here is the link:

Now for #2, the Bible study. I sent out invitations, but I have not heard back from anyone. First real risk for the new year!

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