Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Friday

So...we went to "Houston Grandma's" for Easter weekend. We drove down there on Thursday night, and on Good Friday we split up and the girls went and did their thing and the boys hung out together. The first picture is what I saw when we got home. I know it is out of order, but I just cant delete them all this morning and then upload again...sorry. :) And btw...these were all taken using my the quality may not be wonderful!
The boys went to run errands, and the girls went to get mani's and pedi's!

This was grandpa's interpretation of a hair cut at the barber shop, but it is really growing on me and I like not having to brush it EVER!
Emily getting her fingernails done.

Emily waiting on me to get my manicure.

Emily wanted pink on one foot and....
purple on the other!
CUTE piggies!

My piggies...Em picked the color and the flower!

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K, L and M said...

Love those pink and purple toes...too cute!!