Sunday, April 5, 2009

Morning with the Princesses

On Wednesday we went to have breakfast in Cinderella's castle with all the princesses. Emily was so excited and from the moment we stepped on the plane to fly to Florida that is all she could ask about. She just kept saying, when are we going to see the princesses, mommy? Every park we went to she looked for the princesses, and alas to her dismay she didn't see any of them .

I was a little worried because the night before she started crying and telling me how sad she was that EVERYONE but her had a princess dress, and she wanted to look pretty for the princesses the next morning. So with my heart breaking in two, Chris and I went on a search for a princess dress in the hotel. We did not find one, and I did not realize the shops at Downtown Disney were open until midnight, oh well. We did however, find a shirt that she had wanted earlier in the weekend with Aurora on the front. We got her that and hoped it would be good enough.

Well the next morning she woke up extra early, and found her shirt. She was so excited and didn't mention the dress at all. I am so glad because I really didn't want to spend fourty dollars on a princess dress, but I so would have just to see her smile and make her day. Yes, you will do anything to make your children happy. ESPECIALLY in the happiest place on earth!

On the Disney Monorail that ran right by our hotel.
Ben would only take a picture with the armor. He was not excited to be in the castle with the princesses. He was afraid that all the boys at home would laugh at him. Sheesh.

Talking to Cinderella and getting her autograph.

Posing with Cinderella for a picture.

Waiting for the appearance of the first princess.

Practicing magic...Bibiddi Bobiddi Boo!

Wishes do come true...

Okay...maybe a cinnamon roll will help him feel better, and a sword of course.

See their faces....this picture tells a tale, don't you think?

From this point Emily is the only one who wanted to pose with the princesses. Here she is with Aurora, her favorite.

Jasmine...Lizzie's favorite princesses

More magic practice

Wow he is actually smiling in this one...I guess he likes Belle. And Emily...still beaming!

Very un-princess like bite of eggs.

Walking down the royal steps.

Ben fighting the knight.
Ben using his sword to fight and Emily backing him up with a little magic. Seems we have a Level 1 fighter and sorceress here!


Cher said...

The pics of Ben's face with princesses--priceless! Looks like a wonderful time in the happiest place!!

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