Wednesday, April 22, 2009


REALLY????? Can I be anymore distracted these days????

I spent lots of time at the beginning of the year "designing" a writing schedule and I did follow it fairly religiously for a little while, but alas, as everything goes I have filed it away under the letter "L" for LATER.

I keep telling myself that tonight is the night. NO really tonight is the night, I am going to write and write and write and write. I am going to finish The Heist. I am going started publishing that new story I have in the works. On the way home I plan my whole night, cook dinner, play with kids, kiss hubby, WRITE.

Meanwhile, 1 hour later....

Pick up kids, and everyone is cranky. Cook dinner, and kids take about three hours to eat. Do the dishes and play with kids, and meanwhile do three or four loads of laundry that HAVE to be done for the next day cause everyone needs something different. Bathe children and read books. Endless goodnight kisses and hugs. Kiss hubby as he sits down to watch TV while I "write". Check email, look at my Facebook.....look up and it is 11:00pm. Oh well, no writing tonight, but tomorrow for sure.


anyone have ANY suggestions for me? (besides stop getting on Facebook, because I am here to tell ya, that ain't gonna happen! ;)

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