Sunday, April 5, 2009

So...we are home

We are finally home from our eight day vacation in Disney World. We are all exhausted. Last night we got off the plane at 9:45 and were home in bed by 11:30pm. Both kids were up around six...but were convinced to go back to bed for at least another two hours. There are definitely parts of the vacation that I want to forget, but there are parts that I will remember forever. There is nothing like seeing your little girls face light up when you enter Cinderella's castle for the first time and she realizes that SHE gets to see and talk to Cinderella. Or when you come out of a ride and your son pulls you by the hand SCREAMING...BUZZ LIGHTYEAR mommy! I couldn't even see Buzz, none of the adults could, but Ben spotted him immediately and we had to get his autograph!

Here are a couple of pics to hold you over...I have mountains of laundry and souvenirs to organize, and other stuff to do for next week. I will post again later today with more pics. So for you go!


K, L and M said...

YIPPEE!!!'re back..looking forward to the vacation report.:) After you get some rest! Are E and B toting their autograph books all around? I know Lauren slept with hers for a few days when we got home..:)

Cullum Family said...

i actually have not even unpacked them yet...we are ALL totally exhausted...blogging is about all i can handle today...and reading...wish i didn't have to go back to work tomorrow!