Sunday, April 5, 2009

We're on our way...

I know these posts are going to be out of order and very random...but that is me...Ms. Really I am just posting in the order that I am remembering things. I really intended to blog every day we were gone, but the wireless was nonexistent in our resort. The dial-up thing just wasn't working for me so now I am forced to tell the story in the pieces as they come to me.

So this was the first time the kids have ever been on a plane. I think that experience was just as exciting as the prospect of going to Disney World. I was so worried about how it would be on the plane. I took my laptop and some movies just in case they got bored, but I didn't even need to take them out. I made them special busy bags that fit nicely on their carry-on suitcases. I will post about those later.

Emily was excited to find two new books, a Tinkerbell to color, a little princess coloring book with stickers, and the crayon rolls I made both the kids at Christmas. Oh and I almost forgot she put her Ariel doll in there, too. Ben had similar things in his bag, but he only had daddy read him the books and then was content to listen to daddy's earbuds to the satellite radio in the arm rests. He also helped daddy do his Sudoku puzzles. Emily and I spent quality time coloring and talking.
Here are some pics of the morning.

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