Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birthday Presents from Mom and Dad

Here are the shots of Ben opening his presents on his birthday. These are the ones from Mom, Dad, and Emily. Sorry for the bed head, and Whataburger cup in the background. We were all camped out on our bed for the opening ceremony.

Silly Story Laboratory...This is the one he has talked about the most. I think he really LIKES it.
Ah...Lego Batman for the Wii...we did not pay 49.99 for it...I just couldn't get the sticker off. We took advantage of Circuit City closing...

Prince Caspian, well...we figured since he was always talking about it and had never even seen it, maybe we should own it.

Ben loves audio books! Listens to them all the time so we got one that we actually had the books for so he could follow along.

Oh and this is actually a present for me disguised as a present for him...we are trying to find things that excite him to read...LoVeS Spongebob...or Bumbum as he has been affectionately called in our house since Ben was two.
Happy Birthday, Ben! And to think the fun is not even over yet...Still have the party on Saturday!

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