Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"I want to see the temple mommy."

This is what Ben said to me this morning. We were driving to school and discussing all things spriritual...heaven...hell...Jesus...God...and the temple. But the conversation actually began with the temple comment.

My son the king of random uttered the comment...."I want to see the temple mommy." Confused, because I have had no coffee because I overslept due to being a single mommy this week, I say something profound like, "Huh, what temple are you talking about sweetheart?"

"You know, the temple that Jesus went to in the Bible. The one that the curtain was torn in, you KNOW, THE TEMPLE mommy."

And I am sitting in traffic dealing with all the other issues that mommies must deal with in the car, like driving, thinking well, DUH, mommy. So I try to explain to him that I am not even sure that particular temple exists, but some of them do, but that they don't look the same because of their age, and that it is very far away, all the while negotiating Tuesday morning traffic.

Then it totally dawns on me that I am having this conversation with a five-year-old. Wow, I don't think I knew about the temple until I was in my twenties. And even then I don't think I really could have a decent conversation with anyone about it. I certainly didn't know until I was 30 that the curtain was torn from the top to the bottom and the significance of that.

I love that both of my kids seem to have a grasp of the gospel. They know stories from the Bible and they understand principles that took me my whole life to grasp. I take really no credit for this. I give all the credit to my wonderful church, their awesome school, and the amazing people that we have in our life. The kids have had the most wonderful Sunday School teachers, each teacher has taught them principles from the gospel that I thought they might never understand. They have also had amazing chapel instruction at school. The pastor, director at their school and the teachers do a wonderful job of teaching them concepts and making the stories real to them. So real that they actually remember them. And then what can I say about the amazing examples that we have around us. Having good Christian examples around us has helped so much. Now I said Christian, not perfect. No one is perfect and I think that it is important that kids see that you are not perfect and that you have good examples, but not perfect ones.

Their early spiritual lives have been a big priority to me. I truly believe that if we don't get kids when they are young it will be very difficult for them to accept Christ. Not impossible, but difficult. I pray everyday for my children and for the children that I come in contact with through teaching Sunday School, and friends. I pray that the Lord will make me the best example of His teaching and life that I can be. That is about all any of us can do. I am so thankful that He has given us so much and feel truly blessed that my children know who He is.


Cher said...

Impressive thoughts from a little guy :) Dubua this week? Hope it is going ok. I'm thinking positive thoughts for painless single mom days.

Cullum Family said...

thanks...need them...not so painless yet.