Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wonderful Writers

So this morning was the first of many writer's group meetings. We met at my mecca...not really...but if I had one it would probably be it...can you guess? Starbucks, of course. For a morning of chatting, coffee, and sharing. I think it was a successful. There are only three of us, but we all seem to mesh and get along very well. The two women I love dearly. Cher I have known quite awhile and is probably Ben's future mom-in-law, if I am the luckiest woman on the planet. And Cara I have know just a little while, but love her!

We talked about ourselves, mutual friends, kids, work, the healthcare agenda, and writing. Yes, we did finally get around to talking about writing. I totally had to suppress my nature and just let things develop how they were going to, and they did beautifully.

Lots of encouragement, compliments, and constructive advice. I love it, and I am excited about the prospect of the whole thing. Now I have to get to writing and finish the Heist. I am sure that my friend who follows that blog will be tickled pink!


Cher said...

Sweet! I would be the lucky one to be Ben's mom-in-law! I loved the group, and do realize we did too much gossiping at first, instead of getting down to the business of our passion! I just don't get to gossip very often. . . hee hee. I think we meshed extremely well and look forward to another one! :)
P.S check out the comment my cousin left on my entry Stimulus or not to Stimulus! Ouch! I think you will really like it. ;)

Cullum Family said...

We needed to gossip so we could get to know each other on that personal level before we started sharing our innermost feelings in our writing. I think it was fabulous and I am so glad we are doing it! :) AND...i told you that i didn't totally disagree with you about obama...i will check it out though... :)