Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So I have started giving the kids "challenges" to get them excited about picking stuff up. I did not think up this little scheme on my own, I got it from the FlyLady. So I give Ben challenges all the time, because he actually really enjoys them. He asks for is amazing how one little word totally changes things. I don't have to nag anymore at all. I just have to say do you want a challenge and then hand one out.

The cleaning game has also been awesome. I put the jobs I want the kids to do in a hat and have them draw one out. For each job they get a certain amount of money...usually somewhere from a penny to a quarter. It is great to hear my five year old say....Let's play the cleaning game today.

So after nap today I reminded Ben of his challenge to clean up some blocks he had played with a couple of days ago. They were still playing so I didn't nag. This is the conversation that I heard...

B: Okay mom...I will pick up the blocks and put them away. But I would like someone to help me.
E: Okay, Bubba. I will help you, I made that mess too.

Oh my...I think I am in mommy heaven. So this is what it feels like! (At least for a couple of minutes anyway.)


Cher said...

Oh my--I gotta get one of those cleaning games going at my house. . . :)

Cullum Family said...

ed would be so sad that he couldn't clean all the time... :)

wilderlamb said...

I was totally inspired when you told me that the other day. It will be interesting to see how MY kids react to that. I am hopeful, but have a feeling the outcome could be completely different!

Cullum Family said... never know...i thought the same actually...but we played the cleaning game today...and had challenges...still loving it! i think the key is to not nag...they either do it or they don't...but they don't get rewarded if they don't