Thursday, February 12, 2009

Proud Mama i have been debating whether to post about this or not. Please know that I am not trying to boast, I am just so excited, and I am a Proud Mama. Proud of both my babies.

Back in January we had Ben tested for the gifted/talented program in our district. We really were just thinking that if he could go to a magnet school that would be really cool. So he went through the testing, and I think ticked off the diagnostician a little as well.

She did a picture vocabulary test and then asked him some "riddles". He told us that he knew the answers of the most of the riddles, but there were a few he did not know. Then at lunch he asked me if I knew what was big, pink, and got rid of mistakes. I said, an eraser. He says...that's what I thought, but erasers don't have to be pink mommy, I told her that I had an eraser at home that is a different color. (yes that is my child...and i LOVE him) Yes, Ben they can be different colors.

SO...anyway...I was sitting at my desk at work reading some copy that was making me fall asleep and the phone rings. The woman identified herself as Mrs. So and So from Hillside Academy and she was calling about Benjamin. Okay, now I know Ben is at school and the name of it is not Hillside I am a little confused. Then she says...I am calling to schedule his appointment for the second round of testing. He passed the first round of testing. I understand. So...we have an appointment for his second round of testing on next Tuesday. Daddy is taking him to this since I was out all last week with them, and I have my second dental cleaning on Thursday morning.

On that subject...don't neglect your teeth! That is all I am going to say...not going to bore you with the gory details!


wilderlamb said...

Very cool. My friend's son goes to Hillside and he loves it.

Cullum Family said...

that's good to know! :)