Saturday, February 14, 2009

Flashback Friday-vErY lAtE

OH my goodness look at these cuties! And there is evidence that we did used to own a rabbit. Most people don't believe me when I tell them, but now you can see.

The order goes, Ben, Molly, and Meg. These were our friends from Gymboree. The first two years of the kids' lives they were together every Saturday morning. We all had our second babies about the same time too. I remember how big we thought they all were. Molly and Ben are just days apart. We miss the Lyons' and the Larkin's. I did see Margaret (now that she is grown up she likes to go by Margaret) and Sarah in October. We promised to email or call, but life has gotten in the way, of course. The Lyons are in the UK right now and we miss them terribly, but Andrea is wonderful about sending pictures to keep us updated. I hate when we lose touch with people that we love. I wish we could hold everyone that has touched our lives close.

A snapshot of the gang at Ben's first b-day party. (OMG, I still had that awful wallpaper in my kitchen.) Ben's theme that year was dogs. That was the first word that he said coherently that was not mama or dada. He loved and loves his dog! He had on the cutest overalls with a dog on them and we painted, yes we actually painted. I really think Andrea was about to kill me, but she was a great sport. So began my obsession with birthday party extravaganza's.

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