Monday, June 29, 2009

Craft Corner

This weekend was very productive for me. Chris took the kids to Lowe's on Saturday to make pirate ships, then to the library and lunch. They were all gone for 3 hours! WOO HOO! So I decided instead of cleaning the entire house that I would begin working on organizing my room so that I have a place to put my crafty stuff for my business. This has been a source of contention between the two of us for awhile now. I had taken over the kitchen table with fabric and various supplies strewn around the room. It was starting to get to me as well, so it was time to take action. I found I was unable to focus on what I needed/wanted to do next. So I began by dreaming, then came back to reality and made due with what I have. I now have my kitchen and my bedroom back with a little craft/sewing corner. It was a two day project so I didn't get anything else done over the weekend. AND I was EXHAUSTED last night and went to bed by 8:45!

So this is my dream from Ikea, but it is $369.00 so I will have to keep dreaming on that one. I did go over to my friend Tracy's on Saturday night and she had two tall armoires that were glass front that were only $150, but I couldn't find the on the website. I will actually have to make a trip to see those. Oh and there are no "before" one needed to see that!
That trunk is full of material but if you look close you can see my ribbon in a Rubbermaid box. I really want to do something else with this, but right now this is what I had, so I made it work. Also I have not seen that portion of the sewing table in I can actually use it to work. I also found tons of batting that I didn't know that I had...I won't need to buy that for awhile!

So I found a plastic shelf lying around that I had not used so you can see that I used that for my fabric. This is not ALL of my fabric. I still had to put lots of it in Rubbermaid tubs. Some of it is under the bed, and some in the garage, but it is organized and labeled now. At least I have all my Christmas fabric in the same tub, and the orphan quilt blocks that Chris' mom found in Granny's house are in their own tub. I finally decided what I am going to do with those...stay tuned for that. Also I made a current projects basket. That is what you see there in front of the shelf. I have them stacked in the order I am going to do them. Then I can just carry the basket to the kitchen to begin the project and stick it back in the basket if I am not finished.

So here is a picture of the fabric folded up. Wow, that is what took the most time. Folding all the fabric and then putting like pieces together, because I have a tendency to buy more of what I like. I have a good stash, but one day I will take a picture of my mom's sewing room and you will see a stash. She could almost open her own fabric store! So I guess I come by this honestly. You will also see my fat quarters in a tub on top and ALL my thread in my container, but I want to get a new one of those as well. I like the wooden ones that hang on the wall, but this is what I have for now. I also organize my little sewing box with sewing machine parts.

Here is what it looks like from my husband's side of the bed. He thinks it is a HUGE improvement. And I agree, hopefully, I will get something to make it even better soon. My birthday is coming up....hmmmm....


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