Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If you can spell...

So this is the conversation that Ben and I had in the car the other day...

B: Mommy, I can spell poop!
M: Really...well let's hear it.
B: *insert giggling here* p.o.o.p
M: Oh my goodness you can spell poop! You know if you can spell poop then you can spell loop.
B: *insert more giggling* l.o.o.p
M: Awesome...if you can spell poop and loop you can also spell snoop.
B: *almost falling out of his seat giggling* s.n.o.o.p
M: know if you can spell poop, loop, and snoop then you can spell scoop.
B: *almost unable to talk because of giggling* s.c.o.o.p
M: You are such a good speller! *insert giggling of my own*

Teachable moments people...that's what is all about right?