Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rough Riders

On Father's Day we went to a Rough Riders game in Frisco, Texas. The Rough Riders are the minor league team for the Rangers. It was a work function for Chris so we got tickets to a double header, hats, and food all for free! YIPPEE!
But, then we got there and it was HOT! We got there in the middle of of the first game because the kids took a nap, and ended up staying through the entire second game. We were thankful there was food because it gave us a place to cool off for awhile during the break between games. We had lots of fun and Ben entertained us all with his many styles of hats. I will have another post completely dedicated to the many hats of Ben. Emily really liked the game. She watched and whenever we said "Are you ready to go, yet?" She would say, "No, I want to see more baseball!" Loved it

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