Monday, June 29, 2009

Painting pirate ships

Remember when I told you that Chris took the kids to make pirate ships at Lowe's? Well here they are at the newly cleaned kitchen table painting them. They were so excited to paint them after nap on Sunday!

Emily is not mad, just concentrating!
Ben new exactly how he wanted to paint his ship, starting with the canons. Those HAD to be black. I had to search and search and search for black paint.

hmmm...where is the brown going to go?

Emily went right for the pink, purple, and yellow...such a girly girl!

hmmm...just the right color....

What daddy? I am concentrating!

The top HAS to be red!

Aerial shot thanks to daddy!
When they dry I will take a picture of both of them for the "after" shots. I think the painting was much more fun for them than the actual finished product!


Life with Kaishon said...

I have to go get some stuff like that for Kaish and Naji to do. I have heard "I am bored" about 100 times today.

Cullum Family said...

if you have a Lowe's close to you they do a little project every other saturday and it is FREE!!!! and the kids get an apron and little patches for each one that they kids LOVE it...and we always paint it when they get home!