Monday, June 29, 2009

Silly Songs

We had a very busy weekend, there is so much to report. I should save some, but I have a little time this morning waiting for an update to our technology site that I am just going to do it all right now!

Sunday night Ben decided that he wanted to write a song while daddy was playing the piano. We love to listen to him play the piano for us. Mostly Beatles songs. Anyway, I digress. So Ben and I sit down on the couch and start composing his first song. Of course Emily had to join the fun when daddy was done playing she had him write hers. Ben's makes a little more sense, but they are still a little crazy. But I applaud the effort. It is difficult to write anything and Ben has become very prolific in his writing. The only help I gave him was to tell him how songs are usually organized with the verses and the chorus.

Nightbird of Day
By Ben Cullum

Day falls to night
But I'm not fright

For think of the things our in that world
I will love it

So I am a nature traveler
For the things I will like

Trees and butterflies
Sprouts of flowers

Day falls to night
But I'm not fright
Since where time
I'm going to tell you I'm a nature traveler

I search for bumble bees and wasps they won't be mean to me
I'm still a nature traveler

Day turns to night
But I'm not fright

So I am going to warn you...this song is VERY silly...

Sally Hot Dog
By Emily Cullum

I love you, Jesus
But you need to cover your mouth when you cough.


So what I'm not a salad.
I'm just a hot dog.
I'm not a baby or a guitar

I have freaky eyes

I love you butterfly
I love you towelie
I love you Caty

So can you tell that we have been listening to lots and lots of SO WHAT! by Pink lately? I am telling you I have been nominated for mom of the year, I swear! ;)


Vickie said...

Those songs are sweet:) Ben's is a bit creative. Ya got a poet on your hands there:)

Cullum Family said...

yeah i think that i do! he is a writer in the making...daddy is a poet not me...can't rhyme to save my life! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

This is so funny : ) And adorable!

Cullum Family said...

thanks! :)