Monday, June 29, 2009

Did I mention...

that I HATE ROACHES???? Well I do. I am not scared of them I will kill them dead the minute I see them, but there is a story from this weekend I forgot until I was out to lunch with a friend today recounting our crazy weekend.

I was bathing the children before church on Sunday and Princess Emily did not want her hair washed so she was screaming at me. Oh how I LOVE that. It makes me feel so especially cheerful about church. ;)

So I had washed them up and Ben was out of the tub in a split second when I said everyone out. So I pulled the plug and I heard Emily start SCREECHING. I mean that blood curdling screech that every mom is familiar with. That one that will wake you from a dead sleep even if you were dreaming of Justin Timberlake, or is that just me? :) or make you come running from one side of the house because you are SURE that the other side is burning.

So I turned around expecting to see Emily sprawled on the floor with blood spurting out of your mouth or something, thinking that she had slipped getting out of the tub. But no she was in the tub still...hmmm...what was going on.

Upon further inspection I noticed the BIGGEST roach I think I have ever seen, and I grew up in Houston so I have seen some big ones, but this sucker was HUGE. He had jumped out of the drain when I pulled the plug. So I grabbed Emily as quick as possible because that is horror movie stuff in our house. Because you see in the six years that we have lived in our house we have NEVER seen a roach. NEVER, and let me tell you that is the way I like it. A home with no roaches is the home I want to live in.

I was a little frazzled because Emily was escalating and I needed to get her calmed down so I called in Chris. I know I sounded like a CRAZY woman because I needed him to come and take care of it. He comes and says what it is just a!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Blech! I hate 'em too! So far, so good in this house.

Cullum Family said...

i hope you are doing better...i have been thinking about you! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh! This story scared even me! I saw your comment at Queenie's page and I just adored the little picture in the corner. SO CUTE! I came over to say hi. Bugs creep me out too!

Cullum Family said...

thanks for stopping by...and commenting! yeah it was SO creepy! :)