Friday, June 26, 2009

Flashback Friday

Owen's Farm August 2007
Emily had just turned two and we had had a VERY unusually cool summer. If had rained and rained and rained. It kept raining until about October that year. This is also the year that my car was caught in a flood in our parking lot at work. So these are pre-minivan pictures. ;)

We decided to meet our friends the Thielman's at Owen's Family Farm. This is THE Owen's family that makes the sausage. Their farm is here in Dallas just right down the road from the kids' school. Chris remembers taking field trips there when he was a kid. The kiddos all enjoyed feeding the animals.

Waiting on Karon and Mark David in the car.
Crazy kid!

After we got our animal out here we come!

Emily was fearless...she LOVED the animals even the bull!

Uh oh, those goats are hungry...
Listening to Bubba tell her something about feeding the animals.
Trying to coax the chickens or ducks out...

Brave girl...

Ben and Mark David posing by the old milk trucks...couldn't get Em to join

She was a tired little girl and just wanted her daddy...look at those cheeks! YUMMY!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Darling pictures!! Bella hasn't been to a farm yet, but last year she saw many of these animals on post for the 4th. She was a big chicken, lol!

Cullum Family said...

i really thought that my kids would be too, but they just love those petting zoos and farms...must be in their blood! :) hope you are feeling better!

Tara said...

My kids love places like that!! looks like FUN!!! ♥

Cullum Family said...

it is so much fun...we try to go in October to they have a giant pumpkin patch and little carnival type thing...just so hot here in the summer time...we really miss out on outdoor activities!