Monday, March 16, 2009

And what do you do after a long swim?

You have a picnic on the beach with your babies and a girlfriend, of course! After Em finished swimming in the hotel pool she wanted to have a picnic on the "beach" with me. So she had me change into my shorts and flip flops. You will notice that I am wearing a sweater too. I was so cold, but I just pretended it is like in those catalogs of all the New England summers, everyone is wearing a "summer sweater". I will tell you in Texas you never have a need for a "summer sweater", unless you work in an office that is a meat cooler. But you are not donning one for a walk on the beach at night, it is still about 100 degrees at midnight so you're good in your swimsuit. A girl can pretend though, right? Here are some pictures from our picnic on the beach. I can't wait to actually have a picnic with her on the beach in Florida in a couple of weeks!

Emily setting up our picnic. She had to get all her babies in the right place.
Every little mama needs a feather boa with her swimsuit cover, right? That is an essential item at the beach, right?

Mommy and Em getting ready to eat since all the babies have their food.

Em eating the cherry off the top of her cupcake. She gave me the rest. A girl after my own heart!

Em pouring me some tea. It is so fun to have tea with your favorite girlfriend!

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