Sunday, March 8, 2009

Seasons in Texas

Seasons in Texas are very subtle. At least in Dallas. We switch very subtly from fall to winter, then from winter to spring, then from spring to summer, and then from summer to fall. My favorites are always fall and spring. These are the two that seem to have the biggest change. In the fall I love to watch the leaves turn beautiful colors and experience that first cold snap when it goes down from 100 to 70 degrees. Then in Spring I love to watch the buds come out on all the Bradford Pear trees and see the green grass start to pop up all around. I also love the first real warm day.

I have always wanted to live up north because I hate the summer in Texas, but I realized this week that I would really miss the heat on my skin. That first day when you can walk outside and feel the heat and know that summer is on the way. What is your favorite season?


K, L and M said...

I love the new pic...especially love the sparkly shoes...too cute

Cullum Family said...

thanks... glad there was post today...missed you guys...sorry i didn't comment!