Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flashback Friday - on Sunday of course

Life has been CRAZY around here, a little cuckoo even! I feel like I meet myself coming and going most days and I really don't have much time to do anything anymore. Like go feed the baby ducks. We used to go every Saturday morning a couple of years ago. We were kid poor, and it was free except the stale bread, and both the kids loved it. They still do so this flashback is devoted to a slower time in our lives. Enjoy!

My red-faced boy running around chasing ducks. Everything got out of his way; the ducks and the squirrels.
I think I have already posted this picture of Emily, but it is one of my favorites. You can see her cute chubby legs and her bare baby feet! I LOVE baby feet and toes or "piggies" as they are affectionately known as in our house.

"Daddy why are the ducks running?"
"Well, Ben, I think they might be afraid of you."
(No this is not the conversation that took place that day, I am just imagining because I have forgotten. I was SO sleep deprived in those days this is about all I could manage to do, maybe that is why life was so slow and simple back then, eh?)

Let me get them, Daddy!

You can see Chris in the back ground getting ready to take the next video. This is HILARIOUS, enjoy!

I HAVE BREAD! Good stuff!!

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