Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Bunny Hunt"

On Sunday we went over to the Beck's for a Bunny Hunt or an Easter Egg Hunt, whichever you prefer to call it. These are some pictures of our afternoon fun. Enjoy!

Crazy kids before the Bunny Hunt.
All five kids...the boys are getting so old, both walking now. They are a handful!

Lilly and her basket finding eggs or bunnies I am not sure which.

Boys searching for eggs too...look out!
Look at my eggs, Mom!
Princesses looking for eggs. Discussing who has more. Emily does, of course. She is a great finder!
All the kids discussing who was going to get the last egg.
Ben looking at his yummy bunnies.

Lilly trying to figure out just how much we are going to let her eat.

Ben counting his jellybeans after they are hatched!

Emily preparing her candy feast!

Poor Elijah...all he really wants is one little jelly bean, maybe next year little buddy!

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