Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Procrastination, and some fun pictures

Oh procrastination, how I love thee! Let me count the ways! So since I am procrastinating and I have some more cute pictures from our Sunday at the Beck's I thought I would make another post. Enjoy the new pictures and think of me the next time you are procrastinating, because I probably am too!

Also you will notice these pictures are of the twins. I am just amazed at the energy Tracy has to keep up with these two wild boys. If you ever "wanted" twins take a look at these pictures they might help you decide. They are adorable, but a bundle of energy!

Griffin eating a stolen jelly bean.

Elijah climbing up the swing set with his bubbles in his hands because he LOVES his bubbles like a girl loves her rag doll.

Go Griffin!

Griffin and Elijah...one is climbing the other is sliding...that is the way they were all afternoon.
Elijah with his bubbles.

Griffin getting ready to do some toddler gardening.

Getting his dirt ready...

Dumping the dirt on his leg...

Going for more dirt...


Mandy said...

Ah, I love outside fun! We have that exact same slide!! Thanks for your nice comments on my Get Active Giveaway and for adding my button. I just realized that the picture link wasn't working anymore! I fixed it and the new code is up on my sidebar if you want to add it again. Happy Cooking!

Cullum Family said...

i will add it..and thanks for responding to my comment...love your blog!