Saturday, March 14, 2009

What do you do when you are dreaming of Florida...

you have two weeks until your vacation, and it is 40 degrees outside and the sun is barely shining? You go swimming in the Hotel Cullum Pool of course!

I can't take credit for this wonderful idea. My cousin called me this morning from Washington State to chat and we were talking about how she had to sit outside in the freezing rain and cold to watch her son play water polo. Emily came out and asked if she could wear her new swimsuit and cover-up today because she was ready to go swimming. My cousin says to me, "You know, she could always go swimming in the Hotel Cullum pool." I was still pretty fuzzy since I had only had one cup of coffee but it finally hit me, "That's a great idea!" So I sold it while we were on the phone and Emily put on her bathing suit, and the rest is here in the pictures....
I made the water blue by putting in some of those bathtub tablets. However, Kandi says that if you add just two drops of food coloring it won't stain the skin or the bathing suit.

I even found a little bug that had crawled into the tub, and a leaf so it was just like having to clean out the pool!

M - "What are you doing Em?"
E - "Swimming mommy!"

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