Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random RANT

OKAY...I rarely use this as a forum to rant, but today I am REALLY frustrated! If you live in Texas you are used to fire ants, right? BUT, I ask you are you used to them crawling ALL over you kitchen counters? How about a big pile of them on your stove? Or a long line of them from the back door to the stove?

Well, the kids and I went over to the Beck's this afternoon for an impromptu "Bunny Hunt" as Lilly calls it, but for the rest of you it is an old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. So, we had a great time and leave about 4:00. Just in time for me to get home and make dinner for two whiny, tired (no naps), and hungry kids. I am thinking, cool I can get them to bed early and start on some stuff I need to get finished this week.

So I come in, am asked several questions by the husband who is doing our taxes, YIPPEE. and then I proceed to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I get out the ground beef for spaghetti and get ready to set it down on the stove and lo and behold I notice a GIGANTIC pile of ants that have come in after one little bread crumb that has been left on the stove during my after breakfast clean-up. Then I start looking around and I notice a line of ants from the back door to the stove, and then I pull out the crock pot, toaster, and can opener and see even MORE ants. Did I mention that I HATE ants? If not, I HATE ANTS!

Apparently, in Texas, if you leave one bread crumb out on the stove your house will be infested with ants. And I say, SERIOUSLY???? Because the one thing that I wanted to do right before dinner tonight is pull out the oven to clean the sides and the floor behind it and disinfect my counter tops under the crock pot, toaster, and can opener. AND to top it all off I had to mop the floor. No spaghetti tonight...I am thinking that I deserve a little wine of my own and whatever fast food the kids would like for daddy to go and pick up!

Oh and btw...if anyone was wondering...I did get bitten by said ants SEVERAL times!