Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Wii Monster

Okay, so we have a Wii in our house. Chris and I decided that we would get one to play together, and I really do like playing it when I have time. Which I have to confess is not that often, but never fear, the boys in my house totally make up for my lack of use.

If we let him Ben would play Lego Star Wars, and Lego Batman twenty-four hours a day. I didn't think it would bother me that much to have him play video games, but oh my goodness, it really does. It is the first word out of his mouth in the morning, and the last thing he sulks about before bed each night. He has become our Wii Monster.

No with saying that he does come by it honestly. Daddy LOVES video games. Any type, really. He will sit and play solitaire on the computer for hours if he has nothing else to play. This morning he told Ben that if he was the first person in the house to get dressed he could play this morning. So my normally poky five-year-old is dressed in seconds. Within minutes, literally two or three, he is seated on the couch getting ready to play Lego Star Wars. Daddy keeps going into the living room to give him tips, and remarks to me, "Man, I really want to play too!" Boys!

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