Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boy Wonder and his dog

Here's the thing...we have a dog. She doesn't live with us right now, but we still have a dog. We got Daphne before Ben was born, about two years, but she is still HIS dog. Daphne lives with grandma right now because of issues which drove my husband BANANAS! And Emily's allergies. You see Daphne is a lab mix and she SHEDS like you would not believe. But in spite of all this we love her.

So last night this was the conversation in the car....
B: "So I got an idea about Daphne."
M: "What's your idea?"
B: "If we can bring Daphne home I will cover my nose and mouth EVERY time I cough."
M: "Really...shouldn't you do this anyway?"
B: "Yes, but she will help me remember better."
M: "I don't think we can bring Daphne home right now."
B: "Okay, I got an even better idea. Sister, will you cover your nose and mouth too?"
E: "Nope!"
M: trying not to die laughing while driving...this could be hazardous to every one's health
B: "Well...she said she wouldn't but I still want Daphne to come home. I promise I will cover my nose and mouth, mommy."

I proceeded to tell him the reasons, but he was still very sad. I wish we could bring her home...truly I do. She is a great dog, most of the time. :)

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