Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was kidnapped by my friend Tracy for a pedicure this afternoon, which was just heaven. And when I got home Emily had been sent to her room for some minor infraction of the rules. I went in to talk to her and she told me she did not want to say sorry because she was scared what daddy would say. But I talked her into it. Well, when she came out and apologized Chris greeted her with a big smile and a hug and showed her that he wasn't upset anymore at all. However, a little while later she did exactly the same thing she had done to get in trouble before. This time I sent her to her room to cool off. Then she came out and threw her arms around me and apologized. It was such a sweet loving moment. Will she do it again? Probably, but she knows that what she has done is wrong and is trying to get better, right?

Tonight with our LifeGroup we talked about forgiveness a lot. One of the questions in our study had to do with forgiveness and it got us into a really heated debate. I immediately thought of this interaction with Emily. This reminded me of how the Father must feel when we ask for forgiveness. He freely gives it whenever we ask we only have to apologize. It is such a sweet and loving moment when we give ourselves over to Him and ask forgiveness. Will we do it again? Probably, but we know what we have done is wrong and we are trying to get better, right?

As an aside...THANKS Tracy! I really needed that today! :)

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